What Happen To World of Whorecraft

WhorecraftThe short answer is Blizzard and Nothing.

What does that mean, well the name World of Whorecraft was dropped by the creators of the porn series (which was based on themes from the game World of Warcraft) after Blizzard’s lawyers got involved.

The name was then changed to Whorecraft, but this was still not enough to please Blizzard in its quest to protect the World of Warcraft name and image.

So the name was changed once again to Whorelore…will this please Blizzard, only time will tell.

The end result – World of Whorecraft -> Whorecraft -> Whorelore = World of Warcraft Porn.

So this porn series based on World of Warcraft themes is still alive and well. They continue to add more episodes and gather more fans.

Although the current name is not quite as catchy or marketable as the original, the premise and idea behind it is just as great.

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