Female Pornstar Is A World of Warcraft Player

Mia Rose Whorecraft PornstarWorld of Warcraft


Lorecraft Pornstar Mia Rose is an actual World of Warcraft player.

Mia played a randy elf in a couple Whorecraft episodes.

In the game Mia played an undead warlock under the world of warcraft character name Mairose.

Mia Rose Account Shoot

It was reported on kotaku.com that when some players learn this was the same Mai Rose from the warcraft porn episodes they complained to the GM on the server and Blizzard banned her account.

After someone said I had a bad nose, which happens a lot, I responded ‘Hey, learn how to search, stop using Google, go to Myspace or something, I’ve had a noise job'” she said. “The person then typed MIAROSESEXXX.com ZOMFG.”

About ten minutes later Rose received a message from a GM saying she was suspended. She hasn’t been able to get a hold of the Blizzard folks to try and clear it up.

Mai says this was probably for the best, now she can join another server with a different username and receive a lot less attention.

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